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Client Testimonials

"Robert led me through his Stop&Think process to make critical strategic decisions about where to focus the time and capital of the Bradshaw-Knight Foundation. His process, thoughtfulness, and intelligence led me to redirect our efforts in fruitful new directions. While it's hard work to have your thinking challenged with tough new questions, it was a very efficient way to make good decisions."

James A. Knight
Executive Director
The Bradshaw-Knight Foundation
Madison, WI

"We used Stop&Think to resolve a critical planning issues in our global Facilities Management department. Anyone can ask a good question; it's quite another thing to have an intelligent and objective facilitator ask the right question of the right people in the right sequence. Stop&Think broke a logjam in our thinking and led to clarity, action, and results."

Gary Broersma
Director, Facilities Management
Covance, Inc.
Madison, WI

"By leveraging our expertise, Stop&Think has allowed us to develop our business in ways novel to the real estate industry. We have literally been able to create demand for our services in the emerging second property market, as well as identify investments that previously were undetectable. Enhancing our knowledge capital has increased NextProperty's value many fold."

Steve & Lynn Saunders
The NextProperty Group
Geneva, IL

"We applied the Stop&Think process to a basic business decision: how to educate our market about a sophisticated and costly service related to facility planning. The systematic, Socratic approach to this core issues yielded great ideas that traditional strategic planning had never brought out."

- Principal of Management Consulting Firm.


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