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More Confidence in Group Decisions

The Stop&Think method enables organizations to quickly capture, distill, and value knowledge in order to consistently make profitable decisions.

Stop, think, act.

The increasing complexity of work is causing information breakdown and loss, resulting in decisions lacking accuracy and pace. (See Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster). Poor knowledge retention causes skills to be mis-directed and wasted on rework. Organizational expertise never fully emerges.

Stop&Think uses employee intelligence to fuse data into accurate, measurable and reusable sets of task-specific (project or process) knowledge known as infospheres. The compact Stop&Think method relies on the natural structure of language. Implementation is inexpensive and easy since infospheres favor information already within the organization; the tool is forms-driven and built into a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Infospheres are merged into workflow using:

StopThink Enhanced
  • Productivity and communication tools.
  • Collaborative software.
  • Knowledge sharing implements such as      knowledge bases, rapid search, and collaborative web technologies.

  • Develop expertise
    ST-Index: information quality (relevance and timeliness) valued as the probability of a task's success.

  • Reduce errors.
  • Increase equity.
  • Value information
    Real Options: use the ST-Index to incorporate task risk into valuations.

  • Calculate the dollar value of an infosphere (task knowledge).
  • Determine the investment metrics of a task, including the risk-adjusted return.

  •      (see Valuing Information white paper)
    Communicate well
    Flow Potential: the potential % amount that information velocity can be increased without generating turbulence.

  • Accelerate workflow.
  • Foster collaboration.
  • accelerated flow of information without exceptions/turbulence

    accelerated flow of information without exceptions/turbulence


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