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Activity (or action) - Use of knowledge that causes change. Sequential schema node retrieval.

Analysis - Deconstruction leading to understanding of causes.

Assumptions - Previous knowledge from which conclusions are drawn.

Data - Perceptions.

Expertise - Superior knowledge.

Fact - Representation of reality; an object at a place in time. Data with data attributes.

Information - How facts affect each other. Facts made relevant (given meaning) through a relationship with existing knowledge.

Infosphere - A set of high-level, fused knowledge used to understand, perform and value a task.

Knowledge - Why a cause creates an effect; both represented by information. Group of related facts (information) organized into a causality tree structure (schema).

Learning - Re-assembly of schema through fusion with new facts. See the Fusing Information For Expertise white paper.

Metadata - Facts about data.

Problem - System of facts. Mis-adaptation; questions to be considered.

Process - Series of activities involved in performing a task.

Question - Elicitation of data, facts, information, or knowledge. Channel to environment. Tool of learning.

Task - Solving a problem or seizing an opportunity to improve. Ranges from a one-time project to a continuous operation (including production and management practices).

Technology - The actualization of knowledge.

Time - Conceptualization of the change from cause and effect.

Understand - To know something thoroughly by relating all applicable knowledge.

Wisdom - Understanding time.


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